Statements of Discourage

One of the oddest things I read when I look at job posting in post secondary is when an institution includes this type of statement in the job description:

“While we welcome and encourage external applicants, we warn you that this position has a strong internal candidate.”

Well, which is it, do they encourage and welcome external candidates or not? Because with this type of statement they are explicitly discouraging it.

I mean, you never know what it’s like to work somewhere you haven’t, but it always makes me do a bit of a double-take in wondering about the place that puts out this kind of statement. Is this the type of double-speak that’s a common part of their institutional culture?

I’m sure there are some sort of rules for providing “open postings” for each position, and maybe something I’m missing, but if they’re going to side-step these requirements why bother with the technicalities? Just hire the internal candidate from the start and save everyone time. Save the risk of representing the school in a poor light. College and University application processes/websites are horrendous enough, these types of things worsen the lasting impression for potential employees.


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