Categorizing People

A quick note about the video I posted yesterday, watch it with critical eye. I posted it for the discussion on education, but I should have warned that it does get political.

When I watch videos like this, for example for the education content, I tend to ignore and look past all of the talk about this group and that group. I generally try to avoid discussions where people refer to “the right” or “the left” (or whatever name they use for either) because more often it seems they’re cherry-picking examples from within that group to bat imaginary heads with a caricature representation of their own design. They’re not grappling with ideas.

What often happens in discussion where talking heads use these categorizations of people is that they’ll look at the “other” side with this glossed over categorizations, then claim that the other side never gives their side the individual examination and respect that it deserves. That’s what does in fact happen in this discussion. If you’re looking for the education stuff, it’s more prominent in the first half of the video.

I really don’t know anything about the guest speaker here, but my impressions is that she approaches the issues with a more exploration attitude than the host, who naturally seems to be speaking up his audience and reinforcing his identity.


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