Los Angeles – the MOOC of Cities

Los Angeles is embarked on a strange experiment: trying to run not just projects, not just grey areas, but a whole metropolis, by dint of “togetherness” or nothing. I think this is an inevitable outcome for great cities whose people lack city public life in ordinary living and working. (p73)

Los Angeles, the MOOC of cities.

The underlying challenge of online distance education is how to balance autonomy and structure (or, learning and education). cMOOCs do too much of the former, xMOOCs do much of the latter. Surely there are more than just two ways of running Open Courses – and I think this is evident when you dig down deeper into what’s going on out there. I’ve taken several courses that have found a very nice mix of the two, allowed for flexibility of the learner, and instructionally designed based on topic.



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