Detail is of the Essence

…big cities are just too big and too complex to be comprehended in detail from any vantage point – even if this vantage point is at the top – or to be comprehended by any human; yet detail is of the essence. (p122)

We can never exhaust a city, or an educational system – there are always more vantage points. More facilitators are needed on online, dynamic environments, not to instruct or shape learners, but to pay attention to details.

Small details impact instruction greatly!

Current communication technology allows us to get into those communication cracks and take care of those details, if educators are willing.

I am often amazed at how too few facilitators are allotted for open online courses. What a burden on each of them! Even regular online classes, with changing teacher roles to facilitation of learning rather than content experts, could use a higher number of people officially involved. One great example of this that I came across the other day is the etmooc – I love how they list nearly 20 people, and none as ‘main’ or people in charge.

Efficiency of public sidewalk characters declines drastically if too much burden is put upon them. (p71)


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