Limits of Access

They become exceedingly choosy as to who their neighbors are, or with whom they associate at all. (p62)

Technology mediated learning can never eliminate the human involvement in an educational system. Humans often do tend to separate engagement options into black and white alternatives, and strongly so when it comes to Social Learning – circles of familiarity develop, and despite communication technologies that grant amazing access, a learning network is in danger of becoming either an inner circle or nothing. Learning will get homogenized, eventually.

Look at the popularity of Facebook and its closed access of Friends/not Friends. Even on Twitter I find it’s often an outlet for people to find agreement and support more than anything else. The popular kids get response and feedback. Those who disagree are vilified (to overstate it), if acknowledged at all. And these observations are from the education crowd.

This is a major barrier to education and social media, I find.

(Polarized distinctions remind me of digital Natives or Nomads discourse. The distinctions are relevant – the narratives that emphasize them as end points are not.)


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