Assumed Formal Forums

Formal types of local city organizations are frequently assumed by planners and even by some social workers to grow in direct, common-sense fashion out of announcements of meetings, the presence of meeting rooms, and the existence of problems of obvious public concern. Perhaps they grow so in suburbs and towns. They do not grow so in cities. (p57)

Funny, this one reminds me of my time in Japan…where local city organizations do grow as the direct result of announcements and policy. Or, at least they do in smaller and older neighborhoods, because in bigger cities people have chosen the avoidance route and pretty much shun their neighbors.

The point is, these city organizations are so empty of practical purpose, so inefficient because they haven’t changed since pre-war days, and so intruding on what little free time families do have, that most people resent them.

I’ve felt the similar about mandatory forum posting and participation marks in online classes.


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