Staring at the Ocean Surface

This is the most amazing event in the whole sorry tale: that finally people who sincerely wanted to strengthen great cities should adopt recipes frankly devised for undermining their economies and killing them. (p21)

Educators have a characteristic of their own, and it’s probably very rare to meet people involved in education who don’t have some sort of desire for the betterment of humanity. Intentions and outcomes don’t always coincide, however (to understate the obvious).

From my experience, teacher are often idealistic by nature – people don’t usually enter the profession from a desire to make money (although, in private education industry in Japan, I am often amazed at the number sharks I’ve met who were much better suited for stock trading or politics) but this in itself won’t safeguard people from getting caught up in ideals. Other desires apart from personal gain & a love of money, can cloud judgement easily.

In a system involving humans, there are always human elements involved…which, at times, is like staring into an Ocean.



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