The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

I’ve been rereading Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities, and I’m going to blog about it as I go. My main purpose in blogging the book is to mark the passages that describe the workings of complex systems in practice and to try and relate these ideas with education and/or language learning.

For the next while, I’ll be posting a lot about this book – I’ve got dozens of posts queued up, but many of them are shorter than my usual entries here. I’ll use the hashtag #DLGAC for posts here and distributed on other social media. This is part of my ongoing study of Media Ecology, which I kind of host on the MyMOOC blog, but since it focuses on education I’m going to keep them here.

Increasingly, I find more value in studying subjects on the outside of my particular interest areas. In part, I’m a bit idea-saturated in reading directly about education and philosophy, and I’m a bit bored with watching the same people present on technology and language. More so, I do think this is a characteristic of how I learn best – exploring a subject, panning back on some point, generalizing it, and applying it in a different context. For me, the interdisciplinary bridges signal a big picture relevance where I tend to find a lot of value.


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