5 Points about Business Training and Efficiency – seen through the eyes of general education

Here’s a short article on corporate training and its main points below.

Education and Training has been so wide open in recent times that there are a lot of practices that are derailing efforts and wasting resources. We can learn a lot from the business world as the monetary stakes are high for those involved, and this is motivating.

Here are five points that the article lists about what’s wrong with current corporate training (and my non-business translation in brackets):

  • Focus on Behavior, not Learning (teaching meta-skills so learners can take responsibility of their learning)
  • Focus on Functional Alignment (online and Distance Education is more expensive to produce, thus efficiency and focus of work and information flow are extremely important)
  • Step In and Out of the Business (Neutral perspectives are enlightening because most educational design is generalized to some degree)
  • Apply Market Forces (know the larger context in which learning goals are situated; a systemic perspective on education)
  • Share Accountability for Learning (learner autonomy includes the ability to delegate learning responsibilities prudently)

The second point was new to me. I haven’t spent that much time within an organization, but I am starting to see how easily different functions can lose sight of the overall goals. Conversely, when they’re aligned, they’ll equal more than the sum of their parts. Energy and effort, and accomplished tasks, will permeate the workplace. (often the result will have more value, too, in the form of resources and distributed content)

I can even think back now to working for myself in Japan, and how functions in my own practice, on a much smaller scale, could have been aligned more efficient.


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