Education apart from Learning

I was reading something today that talked about the misconceptions of learning. The number one thing was that learning is aware and purposeful. This is a very prominent distinction, and something that I think is at the heart of much of my own thinking about learning and education. The fact that it was the number one thing, makes me wonder how widespread that thought is on this distinction.

For me, this distinction is a core point for almost everything I consider in a professional sense.

It comes down to the distinction between learning and education. In a general sense, when I talk about learning, it includes everything. When I talk about education, it includes only that which is aware and purposeful, or what I usually term as Intentional. Admittedly, I’ve never explored what the common thought is on this, either in academia or in public opinion. However, to me, this distinction has always seemed apparent and logical. On one hand, tough, it amazes me how often this distinction isn’t even considered in various literature.

Isn’t this a major distinction, say in the same way that the words Hearing and Listening are used? Or do I just complicate things? I wish more people would talk about this distinction.


2 thoughts on “Education apart from Learning

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