MDE614 International Issues in Distance Education

The International Issues course was a wonderful experience. I was looking forward to the course mostly because the instructor was Dr. John Baggaley, and little did I know that he was actually retiring after this session. I was glad I jumped ahead a bit and took this sooner than I should have, or else I wouldn’t have had the chance to be in his class.

The one thing about this class is that it almost acts as an introductory course to Distance Education Issues. The reading list is enormous, and the content is simply non-stop. There is so much to cover in this course, and so many angles to approach the content. It’s a bit overwhelming, but also allows for a very student specific approach. I wish more DE courses focused on learning outside of the North American context, it really puts things in a more realistic light, I feel.

The most memorable assignment of this course was easily the first paper I wrote, critiquing an article on multiliteracy. This was for 2 reasons. Multiliteracy was a new concept to me at the time, although the idea behind it isn’t really new, maybe it has become more important in the past few decades. I think this idea plays an important role (combined with Transational Distance) in where education is headed, and in conjunction with ideas like Connectivism. The second reason this paper was memorable for me was because it showed me how educators are often on the cutting edge of very interesting ideas, but get sucked into a type of internet-guru worship that seems to plague the Distance Education field at times. The article I critiqued *almost* had something profound to say, but ultimately fell very flat.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2a – Australia and DE

Assignment 2b – The Pacific Islands and DE

Assignment 2c – Interview

Assignment 3 – Second Language Issues in Cross-Border Education


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