MDE602 Research Methods in Distance Education

I’ve been thinking about this course a bit recently because in a few weeks I start the Advanced Research Methods course. I was a bit worried going into the 602 course because statistics isn’t my greatest thing. I ended up enjoying the course very much, especially the section on coding. It was difficult work, this course, but I ended up doing quite well generally completing my assignments with a high level of understanding. So, I think I am well prepared for the Advanced course, although I do remember how much work and mental effort this one was…which is probably a good thing to be reminded of going in this time.

I’ve also been thinking of this course some because the Advanced course marks the “beginning” of my thesis work. Workload is going to increase substantially for me, but I also predict that output will also increase at the same time. I still have to narrow my particular topic down, and before that need to contact some people and read. I’ll most likely be somewhere in the topic of Distance Education and Language Learning, exactly what…I’m not sure. I want something learner focused, because I feel there’s not enough that looks at learning from the learner’s POV. I’m also wondering if to add any Connectivism angle into it, which is why I think and write about that topic recently, but I’m not so sure; I’m not so sure if connectivism is more than just an ideology yet.

Anyway, the 602 has been a very good review at this time. Posted here are only 2 assignments, as the middle two assignments are more technical.

Research Design and Critique

Research Article Critique


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