MDDE605 Planning and Management in Distance Education

I finally finished this course a few weeks ago after it seemed to drag through the first part of the summer. I really wasn’t into this very business focused course, probably for several reasons. I’m just not into business planning and business things, I’m not that good at them either. I can’t seem to force myself to think in terms of money, expanding a business or in ways that force me to use pro-nouns like “we” and “our” when to refer to myself and my own ideas. I also had a lot going on this summer with the birth of our second child and other life events.

My main problem with the course was in the design. This is a business course as part of the core of my education program. I’m sure the people who created the program know what they are doing, so I can’t complain about its presence here as a mandatory course. However, I do think having the design set up as a full-course project is very restricting to people who are not so interested in this aspect of the degree. It simply doesn’t relate to my life, my work or the culture that I live in. The course design should include the option to study the material in a non-project way. I think this really limited my learning in this class, and I mentioned this in the course evaluation at the end. Unfortunately, that was probably the best thing I had written in 605.

Anyway, I ended up doing well in the class and got it out-of-the-way. So far this has been the only class where I have thought such a things, which is good. The assignments aren’t worth reading, but I’ll post them here in case I need them for future reference.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3


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