Nuclear Aftermath Stories Japan

There’s a nice story going around about various prefectures promoting solar energy with financial aid. As I’ve probably said before, one of the best things to eventually come from the Fukushima disaster would be for Japan to embrace other energy sources and innovate them for practical, global use and for a boost to this country’s economic decline. Since middle of last century, Japan has excelled at climbing the industry staircase, perfecting the manufacture of each type of product along the way. For some reason they missed the .com and software boom, and now they’re running the risk of being a bit left behind…especially with the emergence of other world economies. Developing alternative energies might be just the thing to not only help the economy here, but also help humanity as a whole. I hope this story is the start of several other attempts at trying to find new solutions for energy here.

Apart from this, I’ve noticed the news being flooded with uneventful TEPCO stories and other depressing tales of official business. TEPCO’s inept preparation became official with a 41 page report. The report is full of phrases like “TEPCO should have…”, and rightfully so. But, hopefully not lost in the paperwork are phrases like “The government should have made sure that…”.

If you’re planning on donating rice to the victims, don’t bother. If you want to donate money, I’d probably advise against that as well; it doesn’t spoil like rice, but maybe it’s easier to get lost. As I’ve said before, I don’t think money is the problem here for the clean-up. It’s more about man-power.

One of the reasons I’m a bit depressed about the news coverage recently is because it seems like for the past few weeks the most important issue has been trying to get the Prime Minister to resign. This would probably be the case were there a Tsunami or not. Which is unfortunate, because regardless of how someone thinks Kan has handled the situation, the last thing Japan need is a change in leadership right now…regardless of Tsunami or not.


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