Independent Inquiry Japan

It’s interesting to see that an independent panel of experts has been put together to figure out what happened at the Fukushima plant. The government has already decided that the plant wasn’t prepared for the quake and tsunami, and now they are looking at making laws to ensure that companies like TEPCO have to act ethically in the future. The laws probably should have been there in the first place.

The panel seems like a good idea, and I’ll be following this story with interest.  Follow up stories should reveal a lot, both about the accident and about Japan’s ongoing adaptation to globalization.  The panel claims to want to answer to the international community, which makes me think of 2 initial questions:

  • How independent is the panel?
  • What happens if they find out things that make the government look bad?
..after all, different cultures interpret differently the role of governments, societies and ethics.

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