MDE603 Systems Analysis and Learning Theory

The 603 course was my second one of the MA program at Athabasca. It was also one of the best course I’ve ever been in. Not having an academic background in Education, I learned a lot. As well, this was my introduction to Systems Theory which kind of blew me away & still remains as one of my favorite areas of study and reading today.

Learning about systems was interesting because it is one of those topics that can transcend fields of study. Essentially it concerns structure; how to understand relationships and co-evolution of a whole. Amazing stuff.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find my assignment number 1 (or all of it), and assignment number 2 was a group project (one that I thought didn’t turn out very well at all, despite the high grade it received). So, I’m only going to post assignment number 3. It was an interesting re-read because it deals with my personal theory of education, showing how much I have changed in the past year or two. Although Change might not be the best word, maybe Expand is better. I still like everything I wrote, but would expand and zoom in on a lot of different points were I to rewrite this.

My ideas on feedback were also present in this paper, a concept that has probably become central to my teaching approach and education views:

As suggested in the description of Situation Cognition and immersion above, one of the problems of my teaching-learning context is that students do not have everyday ways to use English language in a meaningful way. This lack of use is also a problem of feedback. Learning a language is an active, purposeful behavior, requiring feedback. (Littlejohn, 1996) My second principle is to Increase the amount of feedback.

Download link: A Personal Theory of Practice


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