Plant in Tsuruga Japan

I was surprised to see an article in The Japan Times the other day about the Power plant near us.  It doesn’t say very much, actually, but I guess it shows that people are starting to think about all these Power plants everywhere.  Do they really belong in a country with so many earthquakes?  And, how good is their damage control plan, really?

There are so many stories going around and so many angles to consider what has happened here in the past month.  This one is worth passing along, though.  A mayor of a city close to the Fukushima plants made an appeal to the world outside of Japan for help.

The Japanese government is failing a lot of people, it seems, and the things they’ve let companies get away with are coming back to haunt everyone.

With elections coming up soon, I wonder if change is really the right thing right now, regardless of what kind of job the people at the top are doing.  I know for certain that we really don’t need those cars with the big megaphones driving around all day, waving and yelling good morning. This country didn’t need those type of things even before the disasters. That type of prioritizing & mindset of meaningless activity has probably contributed to some of the incompetence on display these days.


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