Trust and the Current Situation in Japan

Reports on the reactor radiation levels have been up and down the past half week or so. As mentioned in the previous post, people seem to be losing trust in reports all-together. When you watch NHK, it’s mostly dominated by human interest stories about the people who are trying to cope first-hand with the disaster.

Although, there’s a story on right now about the economic affect on Osaka and the surrounding region. I really don’t know if the quake is the cause of such economic problems, or if it’s going to end up simply being the trigger to much bigger economic problems that have been building.

Anyway, it seems as though they’re hit some trouble at the power plant. There’s not much to do here except monitor the situation again, and hope that things work out.  The last three paragraphs in this Globe and Mail article are interesting though. Three things jump out at me:

  • TEPCO used the same excuse in 2007.
  • The apology email is the type of thing that would fly here, but sounds awkward in this NAmerican context.
  • People are starting to protest here.


This is a nice place for Updates.



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