Leadership, Economy in Japan

The auto industry in Japan is predicted to feel a major impact not so much now, but in the future.  This article nicely explains the complexity of the situation. I would guess that this is just one example of a lot of economic hardships on the horizon for Japan. The leaders in this country are really going to have to work out some of the economic problems, if they are capable of doing so.

A student today was talking about her changed opinion of Nuclear Power, the Government and Electricity Companies.  She recalled television commercials featuring famous actresses that have always promoted electricity and nuclear power. She also told the story of how the electricity guy (or house builder company?) got angry at her for saying that she wanted parts of her house fueled by gas. She was told she was out-dated. Today she said it was ironic that JR started using Locomotive trains to reach disaster areas, and that she cannot trust such companies or the government anymore.

With their history, I can’t blame her.

What she said was interesting and insightful, although I wonder if this type of sentiment will ever come out in action. Namely, at the next election.


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