Radiation and Intent in Japan

There’s been a lot of questionable media coverage on this Japan Situation. Someone posted this site that documents biased news coverage of the quake. It doesn’t take much to find numerous other examples either. Even the first headline I read after the quake happened was DEVASTATION IN JAPAN, rather than something more objective like EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN.

It’s both depressing and humorous to watch a video about how insignificant quadrupling radiation levels in Tokyo are under the title of MY RADIATION LEVELS QUADRUPLED!

However, I’ve been noticing some more subtle media bias. Reports linking this current disaster with the Hiroshima bombing have started to surface. There’s no basis for these. (other less extreme examples here and here)

For various reasons one country intently inflicted damage on another country over fifty years ago. Last week, an earthquake triggered a tsunami that damaged an energy source, creating a dangerous situation. There’s no connection, besides a common element involved.

For example, say I attend a large public event and am hit in the head with a can of Ginger Ale, suffering injuries. A year later my friend sees me drinking Ginger Ale and makes the comment that I should be against Ginger Ale. It wouldn’t be an ironic thing for him to say, it would be a strange thing for him to say.

The media have been saying a lot of strange things. I think some of these stories are just taking advantage of an opportunity to pull at heart strings. That’s not anything new for sure, but it’s always a reminder when noticing how deep it runs. I dunno, maybe other would disagree with me on this one.



One thought on “Radiation and Intent in Japan

  1. Listen to medics, not to media.

    It’s worse:

    CESIUM released by TEPCO


    The cesium is biological similar to the potassium and the human body can not distinguish between the good potassium and cesium.

    The body takes it on the breath and the food. You can not protect yourself.

    After intake, the cesium builds self into the body cells and destroys the energy balance of cells. It does not matter whether it consists of the liver, kidney or brain cells involved.

    These infected cell dies, after she pulls even before their neighbors suffer.

    Thus begins a weird cycle:

    How life begins with a cell starts in this case the death. Children are more vulnerable because their cells divide constantly.

    The adults at that time have survived 25 years and are now ill. In about 4 years we’re going to see the same with japanese children.

    Media, Media, where is the Media,when it comes to health?


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