Helping Out Japan

I’ll try to forget about all the negative, strange media going on. That sort of thing is inevitable, I guess.  Here’s one positive story that is making the rounds right now. The Nuclear situation has been much better the past few days. It also features some talk about the impact on the economy.

Here’s Japan’s TV station NHK in English.

I also came across this website for local people to measure and post radiation levels, creating a place to gather data. Obviously, it can’t be taken as any sort of definitive record, but then again neither can any other one source. It’s actually an amazing site, showing current technology at work along with a way that people can help besides donating money. My personal opinion is that money might not be the ideal way to help. Japan is a rich country. If donating money is the only way that someone can help, maybe they’re better off sending it to Haiti, as I would guess they could use the financial help more than Japan.

The actual help efforts have started to take shape more over the past half-week. Various groups are trying to find how they can fit in and what they can do. The RDTN link above has a few suggestions in the lower left. It’s difficult to know what else to do, or what can be done right now. Here’s a list from one group of various things going on. But, I think they’re still trying to find ways to help as well.


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