Long Term Worries

My long term worries are mainly about the presence of the Nuclear Reactors in Japan.  There are two reasons for this;  One is the obvious bad mix of quakes and reactors, and the other has to do with the culture that doesn’t demand a high level of accountability. To a lesser extent, I’m worried about the economy, but I can’t get into that right now.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have Nuclear plant in Japan, regardless of how safe they are. Assemble the best igloo makers in the world, and they’re still going to have trouble building an igloo in Jamaica. What the environment affords can’t be sidestepped.

I found out recently about the Power Plant near us.

This CNN video is a good illustration of what companies in general can get away with here.  It’s not that corruption doesn’t exist wherever humans do, but there’s something different about it here.  It’s not punished in a detrimental way. I was surprised to find that this company is even allowed to exist. I remember this incident; the company opened it’s doors a few months later to line-ups and media fanfare.

After the 2007 quake and the leaking reactor, issues were raised in the media and by people around me. I didn’t think so much of it though, assuming that the people who built Nuclear Reactors knew what they were doing for the good of all. So, it’s not surprising, it’s just something that I have to decide for myself, knowing how things are.

Maybe there’s some relation to the looting stories/observations going around. It’s part of the same picture. The same thing that keeps order in times like this here, is the same thing that can make extreme incidents happen with a bit more frequency.

“Japan is the world’s most successful communist country.”


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