Radiation Levels

I was talking to a Radiation Diagnostic Medical Researcher tonight, very informally about the whole situation. His first and biggest concern was the government releasing too much information and causing panic.  From what I know, he’s a pretty cautious person, if not a bit nervous, so that might be a reflection of his personality.  It might also shed some light on criticisms of the government for not being fully open. Not to say that I agree with that, but maybe it goes beyond simple disregard for the public’s right to know. I would guess a lot of people feel the same as him.

Anyway, he wasn’t overly concerned about the radiation levels. I was just looking at this chart, and it seemed to confirm the types of levels that he was talking about. He takes in radiation daily, and it was comparable to about 1/20 of what people in Tokyo are exposed to right now…which still isn’t significant.  He didn’t talk in extremes, though.  It depends on what happens next and continues to happen.  Even then there are determining factors like wind and how the radiation enters the body.

He brought his brother’s wife and kids down here from Tokyo, just to be safe.  I asked him why…because of the blackouts or the radiation?  Of course both. Everyone’s trying to be cautious, while watching.


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