General Earthquake Information

I posted this link in my Facebook.  It’s a very good description of the seismic activity in the area & how the quake went down.  Very useful information for me.

Yesterday, CNN reported the apology that the governor of Tokyo made for saying that the quake was Divine Retribution.  Not a great thing to say, but not really big news here.  This type of thinking isn’t as outdated as compared to the West.  Imagine Giuliani saying something similar after 9/11?

I used the story in a class today; most people thought it was an inappropriate statement…looking at the first story I linked to, it clearly shows the geographical connection.  Why does a governor believe it is attributed to TEMBATSU? One lady in the class told us about the argument between her husband and her son because her husband agreed with the governor.  There’s a wide range of OLD vs NEW in Japan, and it shows itself in many ways.



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