Short Term Worries

My personal worries right now are either short-term or longer-term. My short term worries are divided into 2 categories right now:  Aftershocks and the Radiation Leaks.

The Aftershocks are my biggest worry.  I didn’t grow up with quakes and haven’t felt too many during my time here.  It’s also because I don’t really know about aftershocks, what’s a normal amount and how bad they can get. I actually saw a report today that suggested this was more than the normal amount.

It’s difficult not to sometimes think that the Earth’s movement could all be leading up to something bigger, unprecedented…but that’s not based on anything.  Just a tendency to think the worst (heh, combined with my daydreaming-melonhead tendencies)

It’s the same with the Radiation Leaks, I just don’t know enough about nuclear reactors to know what worst case scenarios are, and how likely they will be in this situation.  You can say that most of my worries come from just not knowing enough about things.

The best news I read the other day is that other countries (ie: the US) are directly involved in monitoring the situation now.  Even if Japan alone can handle the situation, I feel better if outside countries are involved because A) Japan’s gov’t has a responsibility to worry about panic that those on the outside don’t have and B) Japan’s gov’t is used to not being held accountable for disclosure.  Both reasons would lead to misinformation, I think.

Now, it’s still a matter of sifting though the constant information flow.



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