Status After the Japan Quake

I’ve been meaning to start up a blog for school/work related things, and so many people have been contacting me about the Japan Quake situation that now is as good a time as any to get things going.

My status doesn’t actually need much updating from day to day.  We aren’t that close to Saitama or Fukushima.  (Our location is here) And, we aren’t seeing or feeling much of the affects that’s being reported like in Tokyo and the Tohoku region.  But, my access to information is limited.  We don’t have TV and the Radio doesn’t help me much.  I get most of my information from the ‘net or other people.  This blog can serve as a place to talk about some of the things going on in Japan and what it all means to me & my family, to all the people who have been emailing and asking about us…or to anyone who is interested.

There’s a lot of talk and information flow in the world today.  If there are things actually worth taking to time to discuss and think through, maybe it’s a situation like this.

If you see any relevant information, especially from alternate news sources (Right now, I rely too much on CNN and The Globe and Mail), please post or send them along.  I appreciate it.  I appreciate all of the messages people have sent and concern everyone has shown, they have really meant a lot.

As the blog starts to include other topics in my life, such updates and thoughts on the quake will be under under the category Life in Japan. I don’t expect to stop thinking about this or considering the consequences for a while.



6 thoughts on “Status After the Japan Quake

  1. Hi Glen, this is a great idea! I can’t imagine what you and Chi are going through. Your comment about never growing up with earthquakes is one that really hits home! Of all the things we or our parents had to worry about, that was not one of them! Just remember you can always come back to Canada, there is always a place to stay with us. Love Janet. xoxo


  2. Thanks, Glen. What a good idea and glad you are not in the danger zone. Look forward to future comments from you.
    Aunt Betty


  3. Hey Glen, thanks for doing this, everyone is concerned and want to know how its impacting you and your family, the media doesn’t cover that. Stay safe.


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